Home monitoring device for heartfailure patients
Djelpi rendered product


Remote healthcare is a great emerging technology that can be used to empower patients to monitor themselves and to reduce precious time spent by the medical staff conducting routine check-ups.


DJELPI is a home monitoring device for heart failure patients. It measures the build-up of fluids in the lungs, a key monitoring value that indicates the severity status of a patient.


I was part of a multidisciplinary team. My main task was to create an infographic animation about DJELPI and conduct user insight research through the use of surveys, interviews and co-creation sessions.

Project details

10 week project

Västerbotten county


Empathetic research
Product design


Jelte Knossen
Pontus Gärdebro
Lisa Modin
Emanuel Berglund
Daniel Villacorta
Isac Klemets

Research: home visits

We wanted to see what kind of devices or tools our user group used while moving arround their house. So, we visited them at home. The visits consisted of taking a walk throughout their homes, fika and interview and finally some ideation and co-creation.

Home visits in and arround Umea.

In the general discussion, one of the participants brought up that the device that reads off the pacemaker is super good and non-intrusive.

“It's just to start it and put it to your chest and then it's done and you get almost a direct response from your doctors if something is wrong”
- Mats.

Research: Touchpoints

To be able to find some touchpoints we started with creating different user journeys around how the user makes contact with the hospital system.

The first user journey takes up three touchpoints:
1. Call when symptoms are showing
2. The doctor calls after a checkup
3. Monitoring for relatives

The second user journey takes up three touchpoints:
1. Transportations
2. Taking the vitals 
3. Talking to doctor


From the user research and the touchpoint overview, we derived a good sense of where our design was needed and how we should design this need: a handheld device that took the most important vitals for heart failure patients.

First sketches about form.

Mood board.

Final Product


Indication of fluid levels.